Quarries & mines

The CROSSBOX will be usefull in the extraction area, on the raw material treatment and on the storage platforms. During all of these operations, men and machines are faced with risks that you can control or eliminate, using the CROSSBOX

Road industries

We operate in all phases: earthwork, sweeping, gravel & asphalt operations, etc. This is also true throughout the supply chain: concrete plants, hot mix asphalt plants, cold mix plants, emulsion plants, etc. You will eliminate accidents in all these heavily frequented places thanks to the CROSSBOX

Agriculture & forest works

Whether you are a farmer or a big company, protect yourself and your employees with the CROSSBOX when ploughing, milling, harvesting, pruning or simply when monitoring works. We protect you from the risk of accidents with your machines.

Waste collection

Waste disposal workers are at risk when moving the machines. Similarly, a collision between a worker and a collection truck is still too frequent. The CROSSBOX allows the driver to avoid the accident.

Logistics in ports

Operators on the platform are limited in number but they have heavy handling machines with blind spots when they are operating. In this context, the CROSSBOX is a useful tool to protect your operators.

Renewables & fossils energy work areas

These sites may be small in size but they can have a large number of operatives arriving on site at the same time. To ensure DAFWC during those projects, the CROSSBOX brings peace of mind for both supervisors and operators.