Collision avoidance Heavy machines / Pedestrians – PCAS

15% of accidents are related to collisions, without including material losses. That was before the CROSSBOX!

The CROSSBOX instantly detects all pedestrians around your machine. The driver and pedestrians are notified in real time.

You are able o set the detection distances because your activity is different from another. Two zones have to be defined: the preventive and the risky zones.

There are two types of box :


Each box is set up individually because the machines are all different. Rather than the usual beeps, the box informs you intelligently of the risks by a display and a voice. An autotest is done at each start and the box is ready to use within 30 seconds. The higher your speed is, the sooner you are warned.


The pedestrian boxes flash and smartly beep according to the risks. Even if the danger is behind you, you will be warned by the warning light situated above your eyes.

The pedestrian box is disactivated whenever it is in a safe place (office, cloakroom, cabin of a heavy machine, etc.). These boxes need to be recharged once a week only.

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